Noticing the Good

Yesterday afternoon I turned off the TV, walked outside and noticed something. Most of the world is not covered in volcanic ash. Air traffic is not shut down, and people are not stranded in Canyon, Texas.

In fact, listening to the familiar sounds of a lawn mower next door, children playing at the nearby park and the tranquil coos of a mourning dove, I decided things were, well, mostly normal.

Which is the problem with 24-hour news channels where every announcement is an alert, one that is usually life-threatening and potentially catastrophic: the H1N1 virus, nuclear material in the hands of terrorists, atmospheric ash that can bring down jetliners. Makes one think the world is one big ER, where death is more common than life.

Not that I want to be uninformed, blissfully ignorant of the suffering of others. I just desire some balance. There is still plenty of good in this fallen world, blessings to be appreciated and enjoyed.

But I won’t see them unless sometimes I turn off the TV, go outside and take a look around. 🙂

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