Time for a Break

A little overwhelmed tonight. OK, a lot overwhelmed tonight. Almost through with journals. Will get more tomorrow, plus research papers, plus creative writing samples. Plus . . . well, you get the idea, and you know the feeling. None of us has all the time we want. I started to write “need.” But I guess if our generous God thought we needed 25 hours in the day, he would make the earth spin more slowly.

So not much work promoting the book today. OK, not any work on the book today, but, at 9:00 p.m.,  I’m going to let it go at that. Will hang out with Charlotte for a bit and might talk to a few friends on FB. Maybe that’s being lazy or uncommitted. Or maybe it’s knowing when to relax and take a breath. A younger me would have plowed ahead anyway.

And I’d wake up tomorrow just as frustrated, and a lot sleepier 😉

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