What if?

“Grow old along with me!
The best is yet to be,
the last of life,
for which the first was made.”

—Robert Browning

For over 50 years, Americans of a certain age have been told that the happiest people are able to quit working completely, as early as possible, and spend the rest of their days in an upscale retirement community. And we have been told, mostly by those who have investments to sell, that the key to this bliss is money saved, lots of money.

What if I told you money is not the number one need for a happy retirement? And what if focusing solely on money leads not to nirvana, but to frustration and depression (if you don’t have enough) or frustration and boredom (if you have plenty)?

What if there’s something else, something that costs nothing, but something that will supply all you need (including the funds) for what could be the happiest years of your life?

And what if I told you that research shows you can do more than just get by in your later years? What if it’s possible to thrive, to have a healthy body and sharp mind, close friends, new adventures, meaningful service to others (including grandkids), a better-than-anticipated income and more joy than you thought possible this side of 60?

It’s all in my book!