The Somewhat Neurotic Diary of a Somewhat Neurotic Writer

I wanted to call this blog “the somewhat neurotic diary of a somewhat neurotic writer.” But Charlotte said I couldn’t. Said no one would read it.

But I do lean to the neurotic side. I think most writers do. It’s the result of an overactive imagination, which helps us visualize in graphic detail both best case and worst case scenarios. 

Not a problem if you’re doing that with a work of fiction. Something else when we do it with our own lives. We either end up disappointed and discontent (when the best case doesn’t happen) or worried and fearful (because the worst case might). 

I’m sure there’s help for us. Maybe you’ll tell me what it is. 🙂

Going to dinner with my friend Mark Williams tomorrow before he addresses the creative writing class. Mark can spot both a compelling story and a receptive publisher/agent quicker than anyone I know.

Anyway, seems I always learn something new from him. Will let you know.

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