Waiting Is a Vote for the Future

The Sunday school class I teach tomorrow is on waiting. We’re studying Acts 1, where the disciples are told to wait in Jerusalem until Christ sends His Holy Spirit to empower them for service.

I’ve never been much good at waiting. OK; I hate waiting. Checkout lines, congested traffic, crowded doctors’ offices, busy restuarants, all can raise my blood pressure.

I don’t like waiting because it wastes my time, and, if I’m going to waste time, I want to choose what I’m wasting it on. But the Bible says waiting can be good, even necessary.

Writers have to wait. Rarely do we write a winner on the first, second or even third draft. Waiting is a vote for the future. It says if I stay at this long enough, even though I don’t seem to be getting anywhere, it will work out. Waiting might even have made it better.

I hope so because I’ve been at this computer much too long tonight.

2 thoughts on “Waiting Is a Vote for the Future

  1. My vote for the future is for you to consider an Ann Lamont style of writing for your next book. Your daily posts are so relaxed and full of Bellah wisdom. You have a unique perspective and witty personality that should be shared. This generation is in need of a C.S. Lewis…no pressure.

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