I Write to Know I Am Not Alone

Received six book orders during the first 24 hours of the free offer. I’m encouraged, encouraged that six people want to read my book, encouraged that six people might read the book.

In Shadowlands, the movie about the life of C.S. Lewis, a student tells Professor Lewis what his dad said about reading: “We read to know we’re not alone.” Well, I write to know I’m not alone.

If you’ve read my stuff, especially the new one, you know I’m pretty candid, even about things that don’t cast me in the best light. I suppose a Freudian would say I’m punishing myself or maybe engaging in a kind of emotional exhibitionism. Actually, it’s more simple than that.

My biggest payoff comes when I hear from readers who say things like “you’ve read my mail,” or “this is just how I feel,” or “I struggle with guilt, too.” This summer I received a thank you note from an 82 year-old reader. She told me that when she read my words about fear (“He knew of course, knew I had struggled with fear all my life”), she wept.

All her life she had assumed that good Christians don’t feel fearful. Now, she knows she is not alone. And I know I’m not either.

One thought on “I Write to Know I Am Not Alone

  1. fear. It seems to me to be a shackle from the devil to keep us down- cause perfect love casts out fear. Ahh to get a grip on that good news in our gut! Soon, lord willing, soon!

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