Everyone Needs a Cousin

Everyone needs a cousin. Had lunch with mine yesterday, well, with two of them.

I grew up with 14 first cousins, just on the Bellah side. Twelve of us lived in Canyon. Looking back, I realize how lucky I was.

Cousins are special people. Like siblings, they are loyal – will take your side in a fight. Yet, unlike siblings, they probably won’t fight you. That’s because there’s space. Cousins visit; they don’t live with you.

Growing up, I was proud of my cousins. Still am. The girls were pretty, the boys, athletic, and all of them, talented. I admired them, and, for some reason, they did me. Which may be the best thing about cousins. They are our best cheerleaders.

I don’t see my cousins as often as I’d like. Only six of us now live nearby. Three have passed away. That’s why we had lunch: Stan, Mary Kate and I. We’ve decided to do it once a month. Because everyone needs a cousin.

One thought on “Everyone Needs a Cousin

  1. You are blessed to see your cousins. I saw my cousins about once a year, but my children saw some of their cousins once a week, and some of their other cousins three times a year.

    I wanted to marry my cousin Richard. We were very happy playmates, just two months apart, and no one told me that it was not a possibility!

    Susan and Royal and I are still lifted up by the love and humor of our cousins, and my children are blessed beyond words to have their best friends and cousins as part of their lives. I am beyond grateful.

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