First Ever, Last Ever, Big Bend Driving Marathon

A brochure in the Big Bend visitor center has a chart recommending driving tours based on driving times (the number of days you will be in the park).  Basically, there are several one-day selections and one three-day selection.

My biking buddies and my children know where I’m going with this blog. You see, I have absolutely no ability to pace myself. Whether it’s a long bike ride or long vacation, I have way too much adrenaline and way too little patience to accomplish the goal in measured steps.

So what I have to say next will not surprise those of you who know me best. Yesterday, we did the three-day tour in one day. Yep, the Camry has 800 miles on the trip odometer, nearly half from the first-ever, last-ever, Bellah Big Bend Driving Marathon.

We saw it all: the northeast entrance/visitor center at Persimmon Gap, the central visitor center at Panther junction, the southeast corner of the park at Rio Grande City, the southwest corner at Santa Elena Canyon, the Chisos Basin and mountain lodge (where I actually stopped for lunch), the Ross Maxwell scenic drive and the northwest entrance near Study Butte.

Thank God we didn’t take the Tacoma or I probably would have attempted the four wheel drive roads, too.

How is Charlotte doing? I asked her last night. “I need a drink,” was her answer.  Today we’re sleeping in and then going to a museum.

2 thoughts on “First Ever, Last Ever, Big Bend Driving Marathon

  1. Go Charlotte!

    I am time impaired (want to stuff too much into too small a time period. I also almost Never know how long something will take). I think it also goes hand in hand with an inability to pace yourself.

    I describe it as a dog who keeps running to the end of the chain and choking himself. You hope he will figure it out… Some of us never do.

    I go on trips – feel great! And come home Sooo exhausted. I felt good at the time. I was having a Blast! And then… it’s to late.

    I have decided to look on the bright side of my personality flaws.

    When I am old, I will have lived a Full, Rich, Tightly packed life. I will not regret what I could have done – because I did too much! *cringe a little*

    My grandmother said there comes a time when you have too much time on your hands. When I get there, I will remember when I never had enough. It will balance out- I hope – that’s the plan, anyway.

  2. Mike, I could have predicted you would try to do the three-day tour in one day. I can see Charlotte rolling her eyes and going along for the ride. Bet you really savored those beautiful views, huh?

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