The Blizzard of ’57

For those of you not in the Texas Panhandle, we’re having a major snow storm this morning, and I’m remembering the blizzard of ’57.

It may still be the area’s most deadly storm. Killed 10 people, most in automobile accidents, and, I think, some folks froze while stranded in drifts.

And what drifts they were, some 12-14 feet high. Which is what happens when you have over two feet of snow driven by winds gusting to 80 mph.

But, mostly, I remember the rescue. Doc Nester had called my dad, the commander of our local National Guard, to fetch a woman who had gone into labor near Wayside (about 35 miles southeast of Canyon). A few years ago, I found an old Canyon News that had the story.

Seems the four wheel drive army truck got stuck in a drift short of its goal and a farmer on a tractor was the ultimate hero. Anyway, the article said mom and baby were doing well at press time.

Maybe that’s why I’ve always carried a towing strap in my Toyota Tacoma. One never knows.

By the way, any of you Wayside people know who the baby was? Would love to find out.

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