Me? Jealous? A Guest Post from The Green-Eyed Monster

Had a good time at the book signing yesterday. Met new readers, visited with old friends and sold some books, 15 to be exact.

Came home feeling pretty good; then opened an email from a writer friend who also did a book signing yesterday. Seems he had gone to the bookstore with ONLY 100 books, and had to leave early because he ran out.

Geeze, I’m so sorry. Sorry he didn’t get rear ended in the parking lot.

Oops. Did I say that? Certainly not. I’m not a jealous person. NOT a jealous person. NOT (maybe if I just keep writing it?).

Certainly, I don’t resent the success of others. I’m glad my friend sold 100 books while I sold ONLY 15.

Think I’ll send a letter telling him so. Maybe I’ll enclose Valentine candy. Yeah, that’s it, chocolate covered, um Exlax.

Oops, did it again. Would it help if I made them heart shaped? 😉

P.S. My wife thinks I need a disclaimer on this one. “They’ll think you’re serious, Honey.” OK, so here it is. Warning: The preceding piece was not written by the real Mike but by the green-eyed monster that sometimes takes over his writing.

Good, I feel better.

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