Blessed Are the Worriers

“Blessed are the worriers for they will obtain great sympathy on earth and great reward in heaven.”

No, it’s not in the Bible, but, sometimes, I act as if it were. Anyway, I’m wondering if worry and pride go together. Pretty sure they don’t for everyone (so, if the shoe doesn’t fit, please don’t put it on), but I’m thinking the association fits this worrier.

One, because I sometimes treat my stress related ailments (a stiff neck, an uneasy stomach) like a battle injury. “Yep, got that bad arm in ’43, trying to disarm a German sentry at the Battle of the Bulge.”

And, two, sometimes I’ve judged non-worriers as (pick one) naive, lazy or irresponsible. “How can you play with your kids knowing you don’t have a job tomorrow? How can you sleep at night with a child in Afghanistan?”

Actually, the answer to both questions is easy. The non-worrier is exercising biblical faith. He or she is probably just humble.

They’re not trying to be God because they know the position is already filled.

Of course, we worriers know that, too; we just don’t act like it.

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