Who Put the Bomp

Who put the bomp
In the bomp bah bomp bah bomp
Who put the ram
In the rama lama ding dong

No, I wasn’t attending a reunion of the Canyon High School class of ’67, but rather a performance put on last night by the CHS class of 2017, which includes my granddaughter Brooke.

“Who Put the Bomp” was one of those doo-wop songs, recorded in 1961 by Barry Mann.

Brooke’s choir performed an entire medley of oldies, including the sentimental “Johnny Angel,” whose girl refuses dates with other boys because she’d rather “concentrate on Johnny Angel / Cuz I love him / And I pray that someday he’ll love me.” Disgusting, huh?

Interesting – that the music of our youth is still in vogue. Can’t imagine my 5th grade class in 1960 singing one of my parents’ favorites, say the 1941 hit “Chattanooga Choo Choo.”

But ’60s music is still popular because, despite our age, we baby boomers represent a healthy portion of the populace. With all the talk of cuts in social security, it’s an encouraging thought:

While hanging out in disgusting, underfunded nursing homes, we’ll still be able to turn on the radio (at full volume, of course) and listen to OUR music.

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