What Graduation Speakers Don’t Tell You

The baccalaureate talk went well. I think. Couldn’t see the audience so had no clue how they were responding.

Problem was stage lights. They blinded me to the first 10 or 12 rows of the center of the auditorium, which is where the graduates sat. So, I just pretended they were with me. Turns out, they were. At least that’s what others told me.

Anyway, I said I’d share my message in this blog. Was pretty simple. “What Graduation Speakers Don’t Tell You.”

1.      Expect rejection. Lots of it. Much more rejection than acceptance.

2.      Expect delays. Many delays. Long delays.

3.      Expect the unexpected.

I used the life of Joseph to illustrate. Ever since I heard Charles Swindoll preach on it in the ’70s, the character study has been a favorite. “Man may forget you, but God never does,” said Swindoll.

So I told the grads to dream and dream big. Just remember the road to your dreams is filled with rejection (so you’ll need to be persistent), and delays (so you’ll need to practice patience) and the unexpected (so you’ll need to keep on learning and be adaptable).

Sure wish someone had said the same to me in 1967.

If you want, you can read the whole text (took me about 13 minutes to read it aloud).

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