Misunderstood. Can’t think of a more frustrating feeling. I know; I felt it last week.

Was a little thing, really. I made a promise but couldn’t keep it because of an unforeseen obstacle, one I couldn’t talk about.

Which may lie at the heart of most misunderstandings – information one can’t or won’t share.

Dictionary.com says the misunderstood person is “improperly understood or interpreted,” and, thus, “unappreciated.”

Makes me want to be more careful making judgments about the behavior of others.

Problem is I do not know what I do not know, including why the misunderstood person can’t clue me in.

2 thoughts on “Misunderstood

  1. The final sentence in this post reminds me, for some strange reason, of Paul’s comment, “I do what I do not want to do.”

    1. Good point Mike. Which means, since even I don’t know why I do things at times, why should I expect someone else to know. Need to cut people some slack. 🙂

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