The Skyline Trail

Ray King looking towards southern Colorado

Averaging over 11,000 feet high and running for over 60 miles, the Skyline Trail is the longest in the Pecos Wilderness. We rode the 10-mile north section from Truchas Peaks (one of which I climbed) to Cebolla Park.

To the east we could see the abrupt drop to the plains of eastern New Mexico. To the north lay the southern Rockies of Colorado, and the treeless meadows on top were populated with elk (over 200 in one herd).

I think Heaven will be like that: beautiful and majestic, scary (in a good sense) and comforting.  And, most importantly, instructive.

For the high country gives perspective to the low country. Want to understand why those trails twist and turn as they do? Climb a mountain.

Want to understand life’s tribulations and trials? One day you’ll see them from the High Country.

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