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1001 Fun Things To Do in Retirement

  • Would you like to ride the world’s highest cog train in Manitou Springs, Colorado?
  • How about learning to surf in Oceanside, California?
  • Or would you enjoy being pulled by sled dogs in Wasilla, Alaska?

Mike Bellah says there are 1,001 fun things to do in retirement.

Dr. Bellah’s third retirement book is fact filled, fast paced and witty.  He introduces you to fun things to learn, fun places to visit and fun ways to get there. In addition, he lists fun things to make, fun ways to exercise and fun gigs for earning extra money. And then there are fun things to read and watch and listen to and eat.

Bellah shows ways to increase your fun by experiencing it with others. And his final chapter asks, “What is fun and makes the world a better place, too?”

The Best Retirement Gifts Are Free: How to Retire in a Pandemic

In his 2nd book on retirement, Dr. Bellah interviews friends, reviews books and movies, chases a two-year old, dines with a middle schooler, hangs out with brothers, celebrates a wedding anniversary, takes walks and bike rides, and gives readers what they’ve come to expect from him: Honest and hopeful answers to the questions they are asking. Written with dozens of brief vignettes, The Best Retirement Gifts Are Free is an ideal gift book.

Mike Bellah’s first retirement book showed us how to recover lost dreams. This one shows how to live them.


The Best Is Yet To Be: Discovering the Secret to a Creative, Happy Retirement

When college professor Mike Bellah took an early buyout, he expected the golden years to live up to the carefree, happy times pictured in magazine ads. But, within weeks, the reality of lost identity and limited funds left him panicked and depressed. In this book, Dr. Bellah uses extensive research, personal narrative and real-time blogs to explain how he got his hope back, and, with it, discovered the secret to a happy retirement.


The Best Is Yet To Be Journal: Write Your Way to a Creative, Happy Retirement

According to Bellah, “The most important story you will read on retirement is not mine; neither is it one written by any other author. The most important story you will read is your story, the one you will write, the one that will shape you as you shape it, the one that will help make your dreams come true.”



I Believe In You, Santa

In this collection of Mike Bellah’s blogs and columns, you’ll read of “Hobbits and Creativity,” witness the “Confessions of an Old Tuba Player” and learn of “The Granddaughters Who Saved Christmas.” Plus, you’ll find out who put the “bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp,” why laughter is still the best medicine and what the greeneyed monster has to say about jealousy. Entertaining and insightful, Bellah’s writing has something for everyone.



Bicycling through the Midlife Crisis

In Bicycling through the Midlife Crisis, Bellah blends the tale of a tumultuous midlife crisis with a grueling mountain bike ride through the West Texas canyon lands, both journeys as full of laughter and grace as they are of peril.




I Saw Jesus This Morning

The companion book to Bicycling through the Midlife Crisis presents the same story through a devotional lens. Part memoir, part dream vision, Dr. Bellah’s fast-paced novelette examines what it means to meet Jesus today through his body, the church.




Baby Boom Believers: Why we think we need it all and how to survive when we don’t get it. 

Published by Tyndale House in 1988, Bellah’s first book was a finalist for a Christian Booksellers’ Association Gold Medallion Award. It is now out of print.