I Want Toys for Christmas

I want toys for Christmas.

Can’t remember saying that since, hmm, maybe 1959.

Growing up in the Bellah family, we kids had two categories of gifts:

  1. Toys
  2. Everything else

“Everything else” included books, stocking stuffer and school stuff, but mostly it meant clothes—the multicolored socks from Aunt Fern, the sweaters knitted by our Granna.

“Everything else” came mostly from family. Santa never gave us clothes.

Santa always brought toys. And when you’re six, or eight or ten, it’s toys you want. Always.

That’s why this year is different for me. In my adult life, I’ve been pretty content with a parka from the North Face or a fleece vest from L.L. Bean.

But this year?

I want a stand-up paddleboard. Haven’t learned how to ride one yet, but they look cool. And I want one.

And I want an ebicycle. Because I love to bike, and, at my age, something that will take me farther and faster (and, with pedal assist, also give a good workout) is also cool.

So, Santa, if you’re reading this, don’t even think about clothes.

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