A Primer on Playfulness

The new book is called 1001 Fun Things To Do in Retirement.

So why write a book like this? Don’t we just intuitively know the fun things to do in life?

My answer is that most of us once did. Dr. Stuart Brown in his 2010 book on play said this: “As children, we don’t need instruction in how to play. We just find what we enjoy and do it.”

The problem, of course, is that we grow up.

Which is a good thing. Most children are not good at completing long term projects, saving and spending money wisely—things one needs to succeed in life—things one needs to retire.

The sad part is that in doing the above, we can lose our playfulness, the ability to find fun and joy in life, the knack of being spontaneous and unselfconscious, of living in the present.

So my book is a primer on playfulness, a prompt if you like. Here are things you might want to consider doing in retirement. More importantly, they are ideas that I hope will stir your own thoughts and actions.

And in doing so, may they put a smile on your face.

One more thing—I am not a medical doctor so before taking my advice on any of the following activities, perhaps you should consult a real one, plus maybe a (pick one) psychologist, orthopedist, insurance salesperson or astrologer.

If you’re reading this before April 1, you still can take advantage of my pre-launch price of 99¢. Just click on the book photo above.


One thought on “A Primer on Playfulness

  1. This book is full of great ideas and is invigorating. As a newly retired nurse, I need help to get going on adventures beyond my career. Highly recommend this book!

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