On Celebrating Our 53rd

Our 53rd wedding anniversary is coming up, and I’m remembering the 50th.

We spent a lot of time talking (OK, arguing) about that one. We disagreed about how to celebrate it.

My shy, humble wife wanted something small—maybe go out with two couples, maybe one, maybe just us.

Her more flamboyant husband wanted a party—a big party. We could hold it in the summer and have a barbeque at our place. Invite Randy Palmer and the Prairie Dogs to play.

She just looked at me.

Well, it got closer to November and the actual date, and we still had no plans. Then, one night we talked.

“What is it you want most?” was her question.

“I want my friends,” said I, “from every stage of our married life. I want to tell each—in front of the others—how much happiness they have brought us.”

“Could you do that with 20 people?” said she.

“How about 25?”

The look again.

So we ended up with a room at Tacos Garcia for 22. The food was great, and the conversation all I had hoped for.

And my flamboyant side got a treat, too—a Mexican Hat Dance with my bride.

So what’s on for our 53rd?

I’m pretty sure there will be no hat dance.


hat_dance Click to see hat dance.

*By the way, this blog will appear in my soon-to-be released book The Best Retirement Gifts Are Free. I’ll let you know.

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