A New Dream

Not because of the things I’m doing now—but because of the things I’m not doing—

It’s why I’ve decided to retire. Yesterday, Charlotte and I called old friends we haven’t seen in 20 years. There were stories, familiar laughs and a few tears. 20 years!

Which is about as long as I’ve been teaching college English and hanging out with these amazing students. The things I’m doing now—they’ve been a dream come true, and I’m glad I gave them the best of my adult years.

But it’s time for what I’m not doing—reconnecting with good friends, one-on-one time with grandkids, more moments with a patient spouse who, once again, had to find things to do this week while I graded yet another stack of papers.

And writing—I sat down the other day and listed titles to a half-dozen books I want to pen. And I’m haunted by the fear I’ll never get to write them.

Yep, it’s time for the new dream.

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