82 Days of Retirement

This will be the last of these for a while. The blog, I mean. When we moved into the new home a couple of nights ago, we completed the first leg of this journey called retirement.

What began euphorically with a great send-off from students and colleagues, quickly turned hard with the death of our friend Williance; then came unexpected challenges of having to reconfigure finances and schedule to fit my new life; then past emotional baggage showed up (as it seems to when life turns hard).

And did I mention we were building a new house?

The dream sustained me. That and friends like you.

And, like any English teacher, I researched the subject to death. Francis Bacon was right. Knowledge really is power, and there’s a bunch of info out there for a retirement newbie like me.

Only problem is most of the books are depressing. They’re mostly about money, and, even then, for the 5% of baby boomers who have socked away a million or more for the occasion.

That’s why there’s probably a book on the subject in my future, as well as more blogs. They just won’t be as regular.

So thanks for reading my stuff. I’ve learned from you as I hope you have from me.

P.S. I know you want to see pics of the house, and I’ll post some to Facebook later. Out of respect for neighbors on our quiet, country cul-de-sac, I’ve held off until now.

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