Joy Sustained Us

It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Building a home on this little tributary canyon of the Palo Duro.

Because building a house, like going back to school or starting an encore career, is a vote for the future. Everything you do (from foundation work to framing to trim carpentry) anticipates a better tomorrow.

So building has been a hopeful metaphor. What first seemed impossible became possible, then probable, doable and, finally, done. It’s given hope for other retirement goals.

But while hope is a strong thing, it’s not what sustained us this year. The word is joy—hand-clapping, jumping-up-and-down joy. Sounds childish, huh?

It’s felt childish. Since late August when we secretly slipped into our almost-finished home, we’ve felt like children on Christmas morning.

There were new presents to unwrap every day: visiting with friends on the front porch, chasing grandkids down steep hills, a different room/area to enjoy (you gotta see this fireplace) or all the opportunities to create (we’ve only begun landscaping—I’m planning a mountain stream in time for summer).

I’ll be honest. Dave Ramsey would not be happy—building a new home at this time in our life was not the wisest business decision I’ve made. But I know this: My greatest stress has become my greatest joy.

And, in Ramsey’s words, that’s better than I deserve.

Here are some pics: house pics

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