Road Trip

Just thinking of the term gets my heart racing. We’ve traveled by plane, ship and train, but none take the place of a road trip.

Which is what we’re doing for the next couple of weeks. In fact, as you read these words, Charlotte and I are somewhere in the high desert of New Mexico or Arizona on our way to daughter Janet’s place in Truckee, California. That’s our first stop.

The next? Well that’s part of the lure of road trips. There are always surprises.

Which makes me think of a time nearly 40 years ago when I met Northern New Mexico’s Mr. Haney (if you’re unfamiliar with the 60s TV show “Green Acres,” google it).

Me (from a phone booth by a deserted stretch of highway): “Yep, I’m about 100 miles north of you; my radiator is gushing antifreeze.”

Haney: “No problem. I’ll tow you. Would you be needing a cab for the passengers?”

Me: “A cab?”

Haney: “Well, the seven of you won’t fit in the truck.”

Me: “Oh, I guess not.”

Haney: “No problem. The wife has a little limo service.”

Me: “Limo?” Dollar signs flashed through my mind.

Well, the limo turned out to be a ’63 two-door, Chevy Impala, which, by the way, cost as much as the tow. As it turned out, the radiator needed replaced, but “not to worry,” said Haney. Seems he owned a “little garage,” as well as a “small hotel” when the repairs couldn’t be done that day.

Mr. Haney settled for all the cash I had on me, which usually happened with Oliver Douglas (Eddie Albert) and the TV Haney (Pat Buttram). If we had Visa cards back then, I’d still be paying.

Stay tuned.

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