A Brother’s Influence

When my brother Craig was in his 20s, he ran a Christian coffee house on a seedy street in inner-city Dallas. I remember stories of self-proclaimed warlocks with whom he boldly shared the Good News of Jesus.

Not long after, Craig moved to Arizona where he lived most of his adult life, much of it as a successful stock broker.

Now in his 60s, my brother has begun a new life in Omaha where he volunteers twice a week at the Salvation Army, and where, along with his wife Patty, he is starting a house church in a disadvantaged neighborhood. It’s hard, often thankless work.

So, while 40 years ago I was challenged by his courage, today, I am moved by Craig’s compassion.

Hopefully, I leave here more aware of the poor in my own backyard, and, just as hopefully, more prone to do something about it.

Thank you, Craig.

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