Welcome to Part II

I’m nowhere near stopping—these blogs I mean. I told you at the first I was going to take you along for the first 60 days or so of my retirement.

That was (you guessed it) 60 days ago.

I thought that was how long it would take to research the subject and come up with a plan for the years to come (OK, humility is not one of my best virtues).

Turns out I’ve got more research to do (much more), through books and listening to the life experiences of others—some of that provided by responses from you.

And when I’m through, I’ll have not a how-to book—but a memoir of how one retiree spent his first 100 days or so.

If the first 60 days are a preview of what’s to come, I’ll not only be telling you what I learn through books, but through more ordinary things, like sunrises, thunderstorms and horny toads.

So welcome to Part II of my journey.
Tomorrow, Retirement Myth #5 concerns how much money one needs to retire.

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