Questions about Blogging

Tomorrow, I will teach a class about blogging, and I need your help.

I want to know why you read blogs. Do you read about topics you like? Do you follow friends?

Do you read for information, entertainment, inspiration, all of these?

What makes a good blog? New info or insight? Humor? Honesty?

What about page design? Do you want pictures? Video? Does length matter? Can it be too long or short?

Finally, when did you start reading my blog? Why?

Any help is appreciated. I’ll let you know how the class goes.

One thought on “Questions about Blogging

  1. My goodness dear friend you certainly are asking for more than a little input here.
    You are asking us to supply you with a complete newspaper article. You want the “what, where, when, why and how!
    Not to mention, “Does length matter!”
    That last part is sorta personal.
    I do not read blogs word for word. I scan the beginning and if I am not “hooked” within the first three sentences, I move on. So many blogs to choose from.
    Reliability of blogger And knowledge of the subject is critical. Example; I would not go to Sean Hannity for objective information about Joe Biden.
    Brief and to the point crucial. Some humor, but not too much. If the blogger is writing humor or better yet, satire, make sure it is funny or dry or don’t waste my time.
    Plan the ending and write towards objective. Keep it short.
    I enjoy an unexpected surprise at the end, kinda O’Henry-ish. Keeps me returning to see what else the blogger is up to.
    You, my friend, I read faithfully with salt shaker in hand.
    Good luck with the class.

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