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Roy would have chuckled at the thought.

Roy who was born in a dugout on the Palo Duro, who as a child didn’t have electricity or running water in his home, who rode a horse because it was the only means of transportation available.

The very idea: Four grown men traveling horseback in rugged mountain country without modern conveniences.

And for what?

Maybe it’s something Roy wouldn’t understand—that modernization took as well as gave.

What modern conveniences took (stole?) from us was a connection to the outdoors, something unattainable vicariously through mere words or photos. Even a car window can blur it.

Can’t explain it any better.

All I know is that I’ve felt rain and sun on my face, looked at a sky filled with stars undimmed by city lights and heard coyotes welcoming the morning.

Yep. I already miss it

One thought on “More on Pecos

  1. I also think Roy would have laughed at our hubris–going off into the wilderness with a guide and a cook and tents and cots and a radio to call for help if we got in trouble. Not exactly mountain men! 😉

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