The sunrise this morning reminded me that—with all this change—there are still constants in my life.

For instance, today, I’ll teach the Searchers Class at the Methodist church in Canyon, something I began 18 years ago—before teaching at AC. Afterwards, Charlotte and I will eat out—a Sunday tradition and another constant.

Then, we’ll make a trip to the new home (a new constant) and somehow I’ll work in the obligatory afternoon nap. Tonight we’ll go out with friends (Stuart and Cindy have been in our lives for over 40 years).

Even this blog has become a constant. Knowing I’ll be writing one daily has made me more aware—always on the lookout for what life is showing me.

And, finally, you readers have become a predictable pleasure in my new routine. Whether I’m sharing the loss of our good friend Williance or poking fun at the forced togetherness of retired spouses, your comments are encouraging.

They remind me of another—maybe the best—constant in life: Good friends.

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