The Neutral Zone

The “neutral zone,” according to transition expert William Bridges, is where I’ve been living for the last 229 days.

It’s the period between an ending (my days as AC) and a beginning (the new dream, as yet not clearly defined).

Bridges says the neutral zone is the “most tortured” and “treacherous” part of retirement. He calls it “a time of lostness and emptiness before life resumes an intelligible pattern and direction.”

And Bridges says the inner transformation that needs to take place during this time can’t be rushed. One can’t hit the fast-forward button.

Hard stuff for an impatient planner like me. But there is a silver lining. “Take time to get away,” writes Bridges.

Hmm. I think I hear Santa Fe calling. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Neutral Zone

  1. Wow! That makes a lot of sense. I’m finding that the “accomplishments” are quite different. My ‘to do list’ looks a lot more relational than task oriented, which is good but a mental adjustment over the corporate world. Of course I’m only 106 days into it, but the experiences have been different than the euphoria I expected. Thank goodness Breckinridge is already on the schedule for next month!

  2. I have no doubt you and your fine family can do the amazing dream.

    Isn’t it amazing when we ask for any kind of help or assistance, it materializes!

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