Isn’t That the Point?

“But isn’t that the point?” My friend was responding to my reply to her question. She wanted to know if I was enjoying retirement, and I answered that I didn’t like the inactivity. “But isn’t that the point?” In the conversation to follow, her assumption was that one works hard for 40 or 50 years so he or she doesn’t have to work. The joy of retirement is not working.


So fast-forward three years, and, today, I spent most of my time learning to create effective “adverts” on Amazon (if you’re an expert, message me; I will pay). This morning I sent an email to a school where I am working as a part-time consultant (has to do with the Finishers strategy we used at AC). And yesterday, I tracked down a yard guy to work on a rental property.

I call these my retirement gigs, and, yes, I enjoy them (some more than others). Besides they help pay for leisure activities, for which I have more time, and which I can schedule more easily now.

I suppose if I had saved more, I could do only leisure activities. But I’m not sure I would.

Because, for me, the joy of retirement is both playing and working—at what one likes best.

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