The Retirement Crisis: It’s about Hope

Talked with a marketing guy today who wanted to know how my book is different from all the others on retirement. First of all, I told him, mine is not different from all of them, just most of them.

Most authors seem to believe the modern retirement crisis is caused by lack of money.

I say it’s a lack of hope.

They say more money will make you happy.

I say maybe not. Maybe there’s something else, something that costs nothing, something that will supply all you need (including the funds) for what could be the happiest years in your life.

My book is about hope, a hope built on calling and dreams.

That’s why it’s different, and that’s why I’m glad many of you are sharing it with others.


Hope to see you at my first book signing this Saturday, September 14 at the Burrowing Owl, on the square in Canyon.


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