A Not-So-Timely Update

OK, so I’ve been neglecting this blog. Why?

Well, would you believe writing teachers get writers’ block the same as our students do? Oh, I have excuses, but—truth be told—they’re the same “dog-ate-my-homework” variety I used to get in my classes.

Truth is I haven’t come up with any cool ideas—so in lieu of a spectacular topic, I’ll give you a more mundane one. Here’s an update on my book.

Online sales have been brisk in December. Maybe it’s the Christmas rush or maybe it’s the new Amazon ads.
Anyway, I realize I have several new blog readers so I’d better get something up to let them know I do post here. Insert smiley face with slightly guilty expression.

Also, I’m looking forward to my first Amarillo event, a reading at the Burrowing Owl on Thursday, December 19 (6:30-7:00 p.m.). Hope some of you can come.

In addition, I’m creating a Journal/Workbook to go with The Best Is Yet To Be. I’ve decided if I can write my way to a creative, happy retirement, you can too. Hope to have it ready by late January (and if you want to be a first-reader, just message me).

Finally, I’m working on improving the website. I want to make it a place where retirees find what all of us need most to make these our best years yet. It will be a place of hope.

P.S. And I promise this won’t be the last blog of the year. Insert guilty-looking smiley face again.

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