Can’t Get Enough of Christmas

Not even mid-November and stores already decorated for Christmas. But if you think I’m going to complain, think again.

You see, I love all things Christmas, even the commercial stuff. If Wal-Mart wants to deck the halls with reds and greens and play “Jingle Bells” in July, I say, “Go for it.”

I don’t even mind the secular emphasis—you know, Santa, reindeer, elves and such. Because rather than competing with the child in the manger, I’ve always thought these point to him (I wrote about it 20 years ago; see “I Believe in You, Santa”).

My argument is that Bethlehem’s baby is King of kings and Lord of lords. As I said in my Santa piece, “The Christ who can take even pagan traditions and use them for good is truly Lord of all creation.”

So bring on sleighs and mangers, “Jingle Bells and “Joy to the World,” “It’s a Wonderful Life” and the second chapter of Luke.

I can’t get enough of Christmas!

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