My Almost Free Ebook Giveaway

Wanna make a friend smile during these days of quarantine? My book is not only about retirement. It’s about health, creativity, fun and, yes, hope—no matter how old you are.


Starting Monday, April 6 and for a limited time, I’m almost giving away the e-version of my book.

Almost—because Amazon has hoops I don’t want to jump through to make it totally free.

So the new price is 99¢. I would like to give 100s of these, but I’ll need your help. You can give e-books to friends even if they don’t yet have a Kindle app on their phone or tablet. They’ll get an email that will mention you and lead them through the process to accept their e-book and download the app (just takes a click or two).

So I hope you’ll help me with this. Below are instructions.

  1. Go to my e-book on Amazon.
  2. On the right/near the top, locate a box called “buy for others.” Select “quantity.” If you’re sending to 10 friends, put 10.
  3. Click “Buy for Others.”
  4. The next screen lets you put in an email address for each. Also, you can personalize a gift message.
  5. On this page, click “Place Your Order” and Amazon will take you from there.

By the way, you might want to send your own email to recipients, too. That way they will know to look for the gift in their email.

Thanks! I’ll keep you up with how we’re doing.

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