The Darkside

Well, it happened. I got my first negative review on Amazon. Came from a guy named The Darkside. Yep, a little spooky.

Didn’t know whether to purchase a lightsaber or string garlic around my computer.

Anyway, Darkside’s critique was insightful. Evidently, I “started off good,” but “dragged on with little substance especially for a gen Xer.”

So I have two questions: One, what is a Gen Xer doing reading a retirement book, and, two, what would constitute “more substance” for said generation? Maybe something from “The “Outsiders”? Say, “Stay gold, Pony Boy. Stay gold.”

Also, Darkside said I had a lot of “baby boom” references that “flew over” his head.

Uh, excuse me Mr. DS, but current retirees ARE baby boomers.

Finally, I’m pretty sure Darkside outed himself in his last sentence where he complained that my book had too many appendices and reference pages.

As I remember it, Darkside had the same issues in my Comp II class.

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