Saying Goodbye

Goodbye. Not a word that I particularly like. But this morning I said it to my youngest daughter and youngest grandchild who will be on their way to North Carolina when I get out of class.

Don’t like the word because I don’t like separation. I want family and friends close. OK, maybe not always in my house (Grin), but close enough to be in my house at a moment’s notice.

I don’t want my kids and grandkids in North Carolina, or Lake Tahoe, California or Huntsville, Texas, or Wichita, Kansas. Only Jon’s family is with us in Canyon.

I suppose I’m a little conflicted about this. Because I’m glad and proud that my kids have established happy homes on their own. Just wish they were closer.

Looked up the etymology of the word last night. The Middle English was “godbwye,” a contraction for “God be with ye.”

Nice thought, huh? My family can be separated from me but never from God. Somehow makes it bearable. Not painless. Bearable. 🙂

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