Harmonica Debut

Today is my debut on the harmonica.

Last time I played a musical instrument for an audience was in 1968 when our folk group, The New Creation, sang a number for KVII TV’s noon farm and ranch show with Bedford Forest.

I played the guitar, knowing all of five or six chords, which was a problem since the cameraman kept taking close-ups of my fingering.

Back to the harmonica. I’m performing at a talent (obviously, the organizers are using the term loosely) show put on by the mission team at First United Methodist Church Canyon.

Was going to play “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” which I learned after seeing a cute Aborigine boy belt it out on his harmonica in the movie, Australia. But when Pam the accompanist grimaced on my high note, I opted for “Shenandoah.”

“Perfect for a harmonica,” said Pam with a relieved smile.

Actually, we sounded pretty good in practice. OK, the truth is that Pam plays a mean violin and could make Tiny Tim (remember him?) sound good.

Let’s just say I’m not expecting a call from Simon Cowell. 🙂

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