Shared Memories

In less than two hours will be on the road. Woohoo! Our 2010 vacation in Ouray, Colorado is about to begin.

Will make a side trip first. To Omaha, Nebraska where my brother Craig now lives. Haven’t seen him since June 1 – the day after Dad died.

Am bringing Craig some of Mom’s and Dad’s things – mostly pictures. Will be fun to look at them together. And remember.

Nothing like sharing memories with the ones who helped make them. My brother is the only one who can say things like, “Yeah, and remember Camp Summer Life? We both were in love with the same girl.”

“Paula.” We’ll say her name in unison. Then I’ll remind Craig how he threatened to tell Shary K., who wore my charm bracelet in Canyon at the time, if I didn’t exit this New Mexico love triangle.

We’ll laugh, and go on with the story, each interrupting with new details, some that really happened, and some, I’m sure, that have been invented with the retellings.

I expect to hear a lot of laughter with Craig and wife, Patty, in Omaha. But, first, Char and I have some miles to cover. Will write tomorrow from Salina, Kansas.

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  1. These are great posts lately. (I had not logged onto the blog since your entry on June 6) Great reflections on sunrises, t-storms, memories… Maybe your father’s death is bringing out deep thoughts and emotions. Hope you two have a great time in Colorado.

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