He Is Risen!

He is risen.

It’s the most important phrase in the Christian faith. More so than “it is finished,” or “with God, all things are possible,” or “whosoever believes in Me shall have eternal life,” or, even, “God so loved the world.”

Because this statement gives credibility to all the others.

How do we know it really is finished, that Christ’s sacrifice really paid for our sin? He is risen.

When we’re dealing with impossible situations, what is our proof that God really is strong enough to handle them? He is risen.

Is the promise of eternal life for those who believe more than a platitude, a nice thought, but patently improbable? He is risen.

And, finally, we know God so loved the world. Christmas proved that. Good Friday proved that.

But the parallel question is does it matter. Can God save those He loves?

He is risen.

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